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2014 saw the end of an era. The car tax disc, was abolished after over 90 years. It was introduced in 1921 but now the 'Vehicle Excise Duty' won't need to be displayed in your windscreen. To keep my art topical, I have started using expired tax discs -  I am drawn by the vivid primary colours that each disc possesses, and which changed yearly. I use comics, tax discs, postage stamps and other ephemera to create unique collages and Pop Art.
I have been receiving a lot of orders as unusual gifts - - many people are requesting the VW Splitty or the scooter for friends and family. 59.99 + p+p . You can email me: simon 'at' to request a commission.
Pop Art Portraits pop art portraits
Pop Art
Beano Dandy Comic art Beano Dandy Comic Art
Beano Dandy Comic Art
I am starting a new series of painted art pieces for Hull 2017 (City of Culture). I grew up in Hull. The first piece is entitled Pattie Butty and features Bob Carvers- Acrylic paint on canvas measuring 30.5cm x 23cm. The second in the series is Sydney Scarborough Records - Acrylic paint on canvas measuring 30.5cm x 23 cm -The third in the series is Boothferry Park. The fourth in the series is ABC Cinema. The fifth in the series, Spiders Nightclub, is available to buy on Etsy now: Spiders Nightclub They can be painted for you - Check my Etsy store or buy a gift card below - More coming soon! Watch this space or follow on twitter. Postcards and poster prints can be bought in my ETSY store (Facebook Twitter, Ebay and Etsy links below) You can also request a commission of any of these pieces in my Etsy store.
Bob Carvers, Hull - Buy The Postcard here -   ETSY SHOP
Sydney Scarborough Records, Hull - Buy The Postcard here -   ETSY SHOP
Hull City, Boothferry Park -   Boothferry Park
Spiders Nightclub, Hull -   Spiders Hull
ABC Cinema, Hull: Buy Hull 2017 City of Culture postcards here -   ETSY SHOP
two Acrylic Paintings/Spray paint/Stencils of Sheffield Street Art and Graffiti
Juliet Graff Slap
Juliet Stencil Spray
Some AmbigramArt Street Art:
  Collab with Face the strange
Gene Wilder stencil spray paint
Delorian spray on 228
Collab with Face the strange
Collab with Face the strange
Collab with Face the strange
Collab with Face the strange
My Mini using old tax discs & acrylic paint on framed canvas.
I can do a commission of your vehicle from a photo. Here is a photo sent to me of a Commer van and my tax disc piece:
Alternatively, if you don't know what picture your loved one would like; or if you have left it too late to order a bespoke picture;  I have started doing electronic gift cards. Your friend will receive an email animation video telling them they are entitled to a bespoke piece of art and a redeemable voucher code. Use the Paypal button below to order this for a friend. They can redeem it at any time in the next six months.  Alternatively, Email me (simon 'at' or tweet me @AmbigramArt)
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Spiders Nightclub, Hull -   Spiders Hull
Lambretta 'MOD' Scooter made from Tax discs from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 80s and 90s (31cm x 31cm): Now in a private collection. If you would like a bespoke scooter making, then contact simon 'at'
VW Beetle bug measuring 25.5cm x 20cm tax discs and acrylic paint on canvas. (now in a private collection, but can be ordered)
Another recent commission, now in a private collection: F1 motorsport Car. Email simon 'at' to discuss your bespoke commission. or contact me on twitter: @ambigramart or Instagram: @ambigramart or on facebook: ArtAmbigram
Below: VW camper van tax disc art, now in a private collection.


Munch's The Scream lends itself to the vivid colours of the tax discs.


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Above: With and without flash on the camera.




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Tax Disc artist Interview by Simon Wells

Article in the Sheffield Star (click to enlarge):


The colours of the tax discs are vivid enough to evoke autumn walks as a child through scary woods. This piece draws on memories of nights; as they 'draw in'; through Endcliffe Park, Sheffield. This is now in a private collection: 

2013 was the anniversary of the birth of the audio cassette tape. (It was also the birth of my daughter): To keep my art topical I created a huge audio cassette tape (20"x20") using only cassette tape. I was drawn by the different shades of brown that each cassette held. Some better quality tape had an almost black appearance.

The commemorative paper plate collection:  

Contact Simon by email: simon 'at'

I am still looking for more tax discs to continue my endeavours. If you have any you could send me then please email me: simon 'at'  - Thanks.


About Simon: Simon is an experienced English/drama teacher of 20 years. He is now a full time dad for a 19 month old daughter. When she's asleep he does his art.








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A musical score created by Simon for the Rotherham notations project:


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For cyber Monday, some electronic house made by Simon: